Will Your Sales Rep Measure Up?

The goal?  To successfully get through the obstacles in the chain of events that will drive the prospect through their buyer’s journey to select you as their provider.  Like all chains, the sales chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  How do you make sure your “sales chain” doesn’t break causing you to lose a deal to your competitors?​

Much has been made about improving a sales rep’s efficiency.  However, since the buyer controls the process and the seller is only invited to participate on the buyer’s time frame, it’s more important to focus on the effectiveness of your sales reps in each interaction – or each link – of the sales chain with the prospective buyer.

Experts, in predicting sales trends for 2016:

Chris Murray (Selling with EASE:  The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction): “The ability to close sales effectively has never been confined to the last few moments of the conversation.”

Nancy Bleeke (President, Sales Pro Insider – implements tools and training to ramp up sales performance): “The biggest challenges for sellers is staying relevant to meet buyers where they are at in THEIR buying process to give them what they need during the sales process so they can make a decision.)