Customized, Personalized, AI Generated Emails at Scale

Automatically generate personalized emails for each prospect with the information they most need to read without typing.

Be More Relevant, Efficient, and Memorable

Add personalized, relevant and insightful value to email conversations, differentiating yourself from the typical form emails.

At every stage, access content that is relevant to the prospect’s role and stage in the sales cycle.

Put the prospect first, with an intuitive sales process that is relatable to the prospect.

Generate personalized emails easily and regularly to make yourself memorable to your prospects. The AI engine ensures the most effective email is written with minimal effort.

Automatically Generate Relevant, Customized Emails for Each Prospect

The ITM What2Send™ module allows each sales rep to automatically generate relevant, customized emails for each prospect and every call through the entire sales cycle. Regular, relevant emails to prospects reinforce points made and separates you from your competitors. All with very little effort!

Just think about it. As a Sales Rep, how much time would you save and how much more money would you earn, if all the emails that you send daily to prospects were automatically generated and contained exactly the relevant information that was requested or recently discussed?

With one step, simply click “Build Email” to let the AI engine build a personalized email!

What2Send™ eliminates the hassle of creating and recreating custom emails.

What2Send™ utilizes a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine to intuitively track all interactions that sales reps have with their prospects, and intelligently propose appropriate responses and follow-up correspondence based upon those interactions.

Our AI engine considers the functional role of the prospect, the current stage within the sales process, and everything that has been sent to, read by, said to, or said by the prospect to dynamically generate the most effective “next steps.”

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