Personalized, Dynamic, AI Generated Sales Playbooks

Harness the power of automatically customized playbooks to build and deliver sales conversations that are always relevant.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Add relevant and insightful value to prospect conversations.

At every stage, access content that is relevant to the prospect’s position in the sales cycle.

Put the prospect first, with an intuitive sales process that is relatable for the prospect.

Access the most relevant content available and introduce it at the optimal point in the conversation.

The Sales Information You Need at the Right Time

The Sales Talk What2Say™ module analyzes digital behaviors, sales interactions and your valuable CRM data to automatically populate sales playbooks, sales cadences and sales scripts with predictive, relevant information in real time.

  • The Rules Engine applies AI-enabled insights on recency, frequency and duration of all digital behaviors in conversation to generate a personalized, dynamic, AI generated Sales Playbook that is relevant to that specific contact and evolves as your conversation does.
  • These updates include email opens, clicked links within emails, website clicks and form fills along with the time spent on each of those interactions, giving the sales rep a better view of levels of specific interest.
  • Topics discussed will trigger the recommended follow up on talking points, even during the call.

Take Advantage of Conversational Intelligence

Add intelligence uncovered during conversations. For example, “Discussed Price” or “Asked for References”, or “Discussed Product Training”, triggers the Relevant Talking Point(s) to be included in the personalized Sales Playbook dynamically generated for this prospect.

Access Your Company’s Key Information in Real Time

Our R2M™ solution gives reps immediate access to your company’s latest key differentiators, competitive advantages and answers to common objections at their fingertips. Since R2M™ is real-time, your reps are armed with the most up-to-date information available, all the time.

SalesTalk Integrates with Numerous Platforms

Leverage and Enrich Your CRM Data

Connect any data from your Salesforce, Dynamics or other CRM (including title, industry, any previous relationship with the company and current stage in the sales cycle) to create a contact’s unique persona.

  • Sales Playbooks are automatically personalized based on this information. As the data changes, so does the Playbook.
  • “Click Notes” (a simple click of a mouse) annotate actions, responses and next steps needed as the call progresses to provide a more accurate depiction of the call.
  • A full integration with your existing CRM synchronizes all those changes as they are made.
  • Your CRM investment is protected and significantly enhanced.