Track and Analyze Sales Activities

Discover what is working throughout the sales and marketing process to make interactions matter at every stage of the customer journey.

Be More Relevant, Efficient, and Memorable

Sales Plan

Sales Metrics



Allow Sales Reps, Management and Marketing to see what is working in the sales process through robust analytics

  • Reps can easily determine what topics they’ve covered and how deep they’ve gone on those topics with each contact.
  • Account Engagement Reports quantify the exact time and effort it took to achieve specific results.
  • Review specific actions and tools that contributed to success (or failure) during the sales cycle.
  • Sales Managers can scan activity details and summary reports and drill down into the individual Story So Far on a prospect-by-prospect basis.
  • Review touchpoints and conversations of individual reps for signs of problems and signs of success
  • Adjust account strategies and design new campaigns.
  • Seamless integration into current CRM enhances current reports through capture of additional (and critical) data.

What2Know™ Reports address essential elements of Account Based Marketing:

  • Engagement with the Target Accounts
  • Account Based Marketing – Key Account Selling Coverage – Are you reaching the right people at the right time?
  • Account Planning  – Sales Best Practices, Strategy and Processes
  • Sales Activities Tracker-  Sales Metrics and Detailed Reports by Salesperson and Sales Teams.

Target Accounts Engagement Report 

(Detailed View of the Sales Process Being Followed)

Sales Managers can verify that the Sales Process is being followed for the selected target account and can replicate sales best practices across the sales team.

This report shows the detailed interactions for the selected time period for the Target Account.  Sales Managers can see which sales rep is interacting with each Contact, what was discussed, and how much time has been spent with this Contact, rolled up into the total Sales Rep time invested in target account selling.

Sales Managers can see if Reps are following the recommended sales strategies on each sales call. The metrics in this report give the Sales Manager an objective view of the sales activities, scripts or approaches  that are producing results so that these approaches can be shared with the entire sales team. 

A clear and insightful view off all the sales activities on your key accounts: ​
Sales Managers can quickly see how their Sales Reps are balancing their time between all the Contacts at their assigned Accounts, i.e. are they spending too much time on a few accounts and ignoring others.

This report is the “Big Picture” of the sales activity at the selected account.  Sales Managers can see at a glance if the targeted accounts are getting the timely attention that will close the deal.

SalesTalk Integrates with Numerous Platforms