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Get meaningful collaboration from the sales teams using the content to the marketing teams creating the content.

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Introducing Useful2Me™

Useful2Me™ is a breakthrough product to get meaningful feedback from the sales teams that use the content  – to the marketing teams who create the content. 

Peer Review is a key factor in the use of recommended best Talking Points for any situation.  Sales Reps are far more likely to use content that their peers are using with positive results.

How Userful2Me™ works:

Single Click feedback in the context of a sales opportunity.

Talking Points using six criteria with unlimited textual comment

Lists of prospects are created using Artificial Intelligence that include any combination of criteria which can be used as the data source to the Talking Points Feedback Report. ​

The Talking Point Detailed Feedback Report shows all the scores and comments by Talking Point, by Rep, by Date, etc. allowing Marketing or Sales Consultants to update the content based upon user feedback.

The Talking Point Feedback Report 

Shown below reflects the following information for a selected – or all Talking Points

  • Days Since Used
  • Count (of the times used)
  • Total Hours and Minutes (discussed with a prospect)
  • Peer Average Feedback Scores on :
    • Usefulness
    • Effectiveness
    • Clarity
    • Accuracy
    • Readability

To make this information even more valuable to the Sales Rep, the data is easily tightened so the report only includes a combination of criteria:

  • Date Range
  • Prospect Company
  • Other Sales Rep Usage

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