Leveraging Your Call Recording with Call Mapping

Recognizing the limitations of their CRM, many companies have adopted Call Recording to give them critical insights into what is happening in their sales calls.  But is that the complete answer?  Consider these proposed questions below. While listening to call recordings will give you SOME insight, does it solve all these problems? Is there a better solution?

Do your sales reps always come across as professional and confident, creating trust between the sales rep and the prospect?

Do your reps just “show up and throw up”, spewing product features until they bore the prospects to death?

Isn’t the actual time a subject is discussed the ultimate measure of the importance of that subject to the prospect?

These are common pain points that are felt across most, if not all industries that have adopted Call Recording. But there is a solution – SalesTalk.


SalesTalk quickly and easily loads all your current content into our system to create relevant Playbooks that your reps can use to guide them through their sales calls. No longer will they have to search through battle cards, documents, or binders to help them say the next best thing – they will have customizable content that can be followed word for word or simply referred to as a guide to move their prospect down the sales funnel.

Since the content is easily loadable and customizable, you will be able to capture and quickly share Best Practices to your team such as adding rebuttals to common objections. Your reps will easily see that new content has been added to their Playbooks, letting them know you’ve made an update.

Providing your Sales Reps with real-time best things to say in response to any objection means two things: First, your reps will be more Confident in their answer, which will build trust with the prospect. Second, the rep’s answer will be the accurate “best answer” for any given question or objection.


The Story-So-Far is a true Call Map that makes looking at your recorded calls so much easier – and so much more effective. It is a comprehensive look into everything that has been sent to, read by, said to, or said by the prospect.

Perhaps most importantly, it shows the amount of time (Duration) a given subject was discussed – which is the best indicator of what’s most important to the prospect.

As a Sales Manager, isn’t it invaluable to be able to see that your reps are following the recommended best practices? Would a Story So Far allow you to see the actual best practices that are resulting in sales? By comparing the sales efforts of your most successful reps to others, you will quickly see patterns that are not obvious to even to the sales Rep who is being so successful.

You see subconscious patterns of communications that work.  “They work” is measured by sales that close, which is why the Rep you’re listening to is more successful than their peers. Having this comprehensive Story So Far showing the best practices of the reps who are earning the most commissions will make it easier for peer reviews; the reps who are not as successful recognize that they too can become better by just replicating the behavior of the most successful reps. This Call Map makes it quite easy for you as the Sales Manager to extract the relevant parts of key conversations where the best reps are doing things in the best way, allowing you to share those best practices with the whole team.

Interaction Insights

Can Call recording generate a Report of the interactions like you see in this Interaction Summary? Notice that the report shows the number of times a point was discussed, the last time a subject was discussed, and the total time this subject was discussed. Perhaps most importantly, there’s no ambiguity about the subject that was discussed. The report is generated by the simple click of a keystroke by your Sales Rep, which indicates to the system that they are changing the subject with the customer.

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