Introduction to TalkTagging

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SalesTalk’s latest feature, TalkTagging, helps sales teams review and manage their sales conversations more quickly and effectively,  .  . and is immediately ready to go right out of the box

TalkTagging creates call maps of everything that is discussed in recorded phone calls or meetings, captures the sequence within the call a key Point was discussed, and the duration of the time spent on each Point – which is a key indicator of what is most important to the prospect.

Our Meeting Mapper includes the standard processes in a sales cycle for your team to use “as is”, or easily customize them by simply clicking on the “pencil” icon, to make the changes that are most relevant to them.

  • the green flag icon signifies that this Discussion Point has recently been added, allowing reps to easily see what’s new

To start TalkTagging, simply click this button to begin actual time tracking. As the rep begins the different phases of the call, they simply click on the topic being discussed. 

After the call, reps can easily update the status of the deal by clicking the CRM Updates section. All updates will be automatically synced back to the CRM, saving the reps significant time and improving the accuracy of the CRM. 

Our next video will cover our Interaction Insights & Analytics which help sales reps and managers to easily review call recordings for forecast validation and coaching against best practices

Thank you for your interest in SalesTalk!