How to Increase Productivity of Sales Teams with Sales Enablement Software

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Today, people want what they want faster. If they have a need, they don’t want to wait around for people to accommodate this need, they will simply move on to the next person who can offer more immediacy. This is why learning how to increase the productivity of sales teams with sales enablement software is so important. Your sales reps need to be able to move quickly on a prospect and respond as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to retain their attention.

Increase the productivity of your sales team with efficient sales tools

Too much of a rep’s time is spent not selling. They are wasting time having to sift through information in order to find the right content for their prospect. Sales enablement software eliminates this issue and gives sales reps access to technology that will increase their productivity and improve engagement with prospects. By making these tools accessible to your team, you will inevitably see an increase in lead conversion and revenue. 

Create daily goals

The right sales enablement tools will give you insight into your sales pipelines, allowing you to forecast, plan out your strategies, and close more deals. Having access to all of your sales data gives you invaluable insight into your strategies. What is proving to be effective? Which strategies should we bring back to the drawing board? Which reps are performing the best and which ones need improvement? All of these questions are easily answered with the right sales enablement software

At SalesTalk Technologies, we offer our clients modules like Upstream Your Insights and What2Know. These tools give you the ability to gain more insight into pipeline forecasts, access actual ABM metrics and individual contact progress. When you have this information at your fingertips, you can create relevant and realistic goals for your team to accomplish. 

You can’t simply pick an arbitrary number and tell your team to hit that number. You need to analyze your data, determine what is realistic for your team to accomplish while also pushing your team to excel. It’s a fine line that you need to walk, but with the right tools you can do it effectively.

Encourage the “single version of the truth”

In order to create a formula for sustainable success, there needs to be consistency. Taking the guesswork out of the equation is going to eliminate a lot of issues that would otherwise show themselves in the future. If reps are having to figure out which piece of data is reliable and which one is not as useful, time spent selling is decreased. Not to mention, your customers and prospects may be getting different pieces of information depending on who they happen to talk to. Eliminate confusion by using sales enablement software that can organize content for reps to reference.

The “single version of truth” practice also makes it easy for decision makers to have access to the right data they need in order to develop business strategies. Having the right tools in place to assist this process gives you the ability to consolidate and analyze the data your team deems appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. Keeping your team on the same page in this regard will increase productivity.

Inspire collaboration and communication

In any part of business, communication is key. This is no different in sales. Pair this with collaboration and you will see your team’s productivity take off. However, we can’t accomplish this without the right tools. Choosing the right sales enablement software will bring your team together and create a more efficient selling process.

Sales enablement software can help your reps personalize content for each of their prospects and then they are able to see which content is performing the best across the entire team. It can also encourage more collaboration between sales and marketing, where the sales team is able to give immediate feedback to the marketing team. It will allow marketing to adapt their content in order to fit the customer needs and it comes straight from the people interacting with them on a daily basis.

Automate routine tasks

Something as simple as sending a follow up email can take time for a rep to accomplish. How much more productive could your team be if tasks like this were automated? It’s possible to automate tasks like the follow up email while still making it personalized too. You still want to maintain that personal feel to sales interactions, ensuring the prospect that they aren’t talking to a robot and, instead, to an actual human being. Through certain sales enablement software tools, you can accomplish this. Using things like automated email workflows that are personalized based on contact information and their stage in the sales pipeline will cut out some of that time where reps aren’t selling.

You can also automate things like prospecting. It allows you to filter out prospects and assign them according to their relevance to industry, rep, stage in the pipeline, etc. Again, taking extra work off the plate of your sales team just means they will be selling more and converting more leads.

Start improving your sales team efficiency and effectiveness

If you truly want your business to take off, sales enablement software is where you should start. The inevitable increase in productivity it will create for your team is indispensable for those businesses looking to expand. At SalesTalk Technologies, we want to help make this happen for you. Through the variety of modules that we offer, we can improve any number of productivity impediments for your team. Request a demo over at our website and start increasing your sales team’s productivity.