Real-Time, Virtual Sales Coach

SalesTalk’s newest feature, Coaching4U™ leverages our AI-driven engine to give Sales Managers a unique, in-the-moment Contextual Coaching tool to help them “See–Hear–Say”™ what they need to in order to keep reps relevant during their sales calls. Coaching4U™ enables live sales training tips and content for coaching during the call to save the deal rather than doing an autopsy on a loss after the call.

Sales Coaching, Sales Training & Call Coaching

Live sales coaching has proven to be one of the most effective sales coaching methods for decades.  Whatever sales coaching strategies you use in your sales training, salespeople learn faster in a live coaching environment. Sales leaders can share best practices of sales skills, prospecting techniques, sales objection handling, as well as how to present sales rebuttals and train how to close a deal in in real time, reinforcing contextually accurate behaviors as they develop.

Most phone systems offer the ability to monitor sales conversations via a voice whisper to sales reps in real time. This “Voice Whisper” feature can be very distracting to the Business Development Rep (sales rep), who is speaking to the prospect.

A Sales rep will be more effective in delivering the right message to the prospect if their manager is able to pop up exactly what to say without disturbing the sales conversation.

When coupled with the other applications contained in SalesTalk’s InteractionsThatMatter™ product suite, Call Centers and Inside Sales Groups are now armed with AI-fueled, game-changing technology to address a major challenge..

How to effectively Coach their reps during their actual calls with prospects in real time.

With Coaching4U, you can now train your sales teams exactly how to conduct consultative sales, share different sales coaching styles, lead sales coaching activities, discuss best sales objection handling approaches & provide phone sales tips on cold calls as well as follow up conversations – while the call is taking place. 

Sales Coaching Outline, Sales Coaching Plan & Coaching styles

There are many methodologies in use today that address the different phases of Sales Coaching; developing an outline, customizing the plan for each individual rep and then customizing the interactions to suit the prospect. However, without the ability to interact with the rep in real time, unobtrusively, all the previous work and planning goes unused. Fortunately, Coaching4U™ addresses that challenge.

Manager chooses Coaching4U™ to send a message from a Playbook specifically created for “Active Coaching During the Call”. These Playbooks are written for particular prospect types, product interests or any relevant criteria:

With Coaching4U™

  • Your sales coaching program ROI improves.
  • Training Millennial sales reps is easier: New sales reps achieve Sale quotas faster with mentor-ship. Real time coaching improves confidence and competence.
  • Sales reps have more confidence in you as a Sales leader
  • Sales coaching programs become more effective: Sales teams get what they need when they need it the most. Coaching them Live helps reps in Discovery, Qualification and also in Closing the sale!
  • Sales Success: Sales scripts, templates and tips that are dynamic and relevant to the prospect in real time help Sales reps become successful in sales.
  • Close Complex Sales: Sales calls scripts examples covering most important cold call scenarios and how to work with multiple contacts within an account can help close the most complex sales.
  • Implement Sales Best Practices: Sales Leaders have proven expertise in closing sales, managing complex buying processes and handling sales objections of different kinds of buyer personas. They know their market, product and prospects well. They can now pass on these sales skills to sales reps.
  • Deliver custom call scripts right into the sales rep’s CRM screen in real time gives them the momentum they need. 

Sales training is the most effective when it’s real time. Running a sales team is a challenge! Achieving Sales targets another!

With SalesTalk’s Coaching4UA real time sales coaching technology, sales Leaders can shadow individual sales reps. ​Your new sales reps learn from you at every step of your sales process.

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