Our Unique AI-Enabled Platform Helps Create and  Deliver the Right Message, at the Right Time, to Create Interactions that Matter

Content and conversations that are delivered at the right time with the right message improve sales conversion rates.

  • Harness the power of automatically customized playbooks to build sales conversations that are always relevant.
  • At a glance, leverage lead intelligence to know more about a prospect, their interests, needs and buying triggers.

SalesTalk Brings You Proven Sales Content to Help You Sell Better

Build the case for change and position insights that help a prospect through the buyer’s journey.

Use provided language to make a bigger impact and add more value more quickly.

Access insightful and relevant questions to demonstrate you understand prospect needs and challenges.

Match the benefits of your solutions to customer needs at the right time.

Know What to Say and What to Send in Every Sales Interaction

SalesTalk’s Interactions That Matter (ITM) inside sales suite is the engine to assure Sales Relevancy in every prospect interaction. We help you with “What to Say” and “What to Send”. alesTalk’s Interactions That Matter (ITM) inside sales suite is the engine to assure Sales Relevancy in every prospect interaction. We help you with “What to Say” and “What to Send”.

Leverage Your Sales Content with Industry Best Practice Sales Content

  • Every other platform expects you to create and populate your sales content. This takes time. Time you may not have.
  • What would it mean to you to have a baseline of proven sales content that you can adjust to meet your needs on the fly?
  • With proven talking points, emails, and playbooks developed by leading Sales Consultants such as Business by Phone, Sales Concepts, Story Telling Sales, and Team Sales Metrics, the ITM suite will move your sales training and best practices from the classroom to the sales rep’s fingertips quickly.
  • In addition, the Artificial Intelligence capabilities in the ITM suite will select the right content for every call or email. That content will be personalized for each prospect and each call or email.

This capability is not available in your current CRM or Sales Cadence products

There are 4 patents pending for the ITM suite provided by SalesTalk. This capability can easily be added to your current sales enablement technology stack as a part of the initial implementation.

Interactions That Matter includes more than 300 sales talking points like these

Customize the best practice sales scripts with your content

Access a library of Sales Consultant written email templates

ITM Sales Consultant Designed Playbooks help you develop your own dynamically generated Playbooks that use AI to build a personalized sales content flow for each prospect and for each interaction

Not only does SalesTalk make your sales process more efficient, we make it effective. We’ve completely redefined and refined the power of your sales technology. Our virtual sales expert coaches sales reps through every step of the sales process, automates mundane tasks and improves prospect engagement, enabling your sales reps to close deals faster. Adding SalesTalk will enhance your CRM while improving usage. Make your sales reps’ time more effective – allow them to focus on what’s really important: SELLING!

How valuable would it be to have the technology backing a rock-solid Sales Manager, Sales Consultant or Sales Team empowered to prospect, train and close more deals?

SalesTalk Integrates with Numerous Platforms